Rules and Helpful Hints

Thank you for choosing Ramster for your party.  We will do everything we can to make it a happy occasion for you and your guests.  Ramster is our family home so we would be most grateful if you would observe the following notes.  This is a quick glance useful list but please refer to our T&Cs for the hire of the hall.

  • PLEASE send your guests a map and a copy of local accommodation with your invitation, as well as the local taxi numbers. I will email you the enclosed accommodation list and map nearer to your wedding date, along with a few other useful things and updated information.
  • PLEASE DO also inform your guests that stiletto heels are not allowed in the Halls, they do irrepairable damage to the polished wooden floors.  (kitten heels or those with rubber tips are acceptable) If you are having a barn dance or ceilidh it is essential you ask your guests to wear suitable shoes or supply heel stoppers (see misc suppliers) as a rule any heel less than 1cm is not acceptable.
  • PLEASE DO NOT put balloons or other decorations on the front gate.  The sign on the road clearly indicates the entrance.
  • PLEASE DO NOT throw confetti or any similar substance, either inside or outside the hall.   Bubbles or sparklers outside make an attractive alternative.  Equally ‘table confetti’ and glitter gets stuck between floor boards and is impossible to clean, and even real petals have to be cleared up afterwards, please consider the bride who comes after you!  Please no bubbles inside, if spilt the floor is incredibly slippery and dangerous, they are great outside.
  • PLEASE note that children get easily bored at weddings and then get up to all sorts of mischief while their parents are happily enjoying themselves.  Ramster is not a suitable place for children to play unattended and we cannot take any responsibility for them. There are many dangers in the gardens, ponds and car parks. While we recognise that children are an important part of a family wedding, we do request, for your peace of mind as well as ours, that a qualified person is employed to look after them.
  • PLEASE make sure your florists do not arrange flowers on the dance floor or spill water on our polished floors. They must also adequately  protect our furniture and light fittings and not hammer any nails into our property (see conditions of hire). Florists are expected to provide their own step ladders/ sheets to protect floor.
  • PLEASE ensure your guests respect the private areas of the house and grounds.  Of course we want your guests to have the best day along with you, but as a host please keep an eye on their behaviour to avoid accients and upsets!  (these usually involve alcohol, our caterers are not able to clear this up due to food handling regulations so an over all nominated person in charge will be responsible, we will have a note of this person in the diary)
  • PLEASE DO use our own bottle disposal service unless you want to do your own, this cost £25 and can be added to your invoice.
  • PLEASE  note that we have a locked storage area where items may be left, at your own risk, prior to the wedding. Please ask if you wish to use it.
  • PLEASE note that we will happily open the hall for delivery of drink or goods if you warn us of its arrival, but cannot hang around to sign for items delivered
  • PLEASE DO check with us that the Hall is free if you, your caterers, florists or wine merchants wish to have access to the Hall the day before your event.
  • PLEASE note that if you need to be contacted during the function the number of the payphone in the Hall is  01428 656209. The office number is usually on answer phone at weekends. Mobile phones do not always work in the Hall area, as it is in a hollow.
  • PLEASE DO note that we do not mind cars being left on the premises over night, at your own risk, but please collect them by 10am the following day.  We highly recommend ordering taxis in advance, particularly on a Saturday night, otherwise guests face a long wait at the end of the party.
  • PLEASE DO ensure that the Hirer or the responsible person appointed by him/her remains on the premises until the last guest has departed. 
  • PLEASE DO try to use suppliers in this booklet who are local and know us and the halls well, we are not paid any commission by these suppliers, we just like them and they are good!
  • PLEASE note due to the  proximity of the stables and farm we do not allow fireworks.

Most important of all PLEASE DO have a wonderful day and don’t hesitate to call if you need any help or advice!