Frequently Asked Questions

 Can we use the grounds for photos?

Yes, we are surrounded by beautiful gardens, so do go for a wander with your photographer and get some lovely pictures, we don’t mind the bride and groom using the garden around the house for photos, but please respect the marked private areas and please don’t bring the whole wedding party with you, group shots are best done from the gallery in the drawing room or in the courtyard.  We have a secret spot a photographer can get high up to get a group shot while you are in the courtyard if you would like.

Technical kit

We have a CD player in the Drawing Room with an ipod docking station, if you want music in the Long Hall and you are using Mark Parker (the discoman) for your music you should be able to use his kit to play music during the meal, but the noise level with chat during the meal is so high it is often not worth it! Sorry, we don’t have any AV equipment, but can recommend a company locally if you want to hire a projector / screen for speeches etc.

Time of departure, band finishing and bar closing.

Our strict time for departure of all guests is 12 midnight. The bar will close 30 minutes before and music will stop 15 mins before the departure time.  Taxis should be booked for midnight or before.


No confetti is allowed, sorry!  If you decide to use bubbles you must not hand them out inside the hall, if spilt on the wooden floor it is dangerously slippery, but they are lovely outside in the couryard.  Please dont use table confetti or glitter in the halls, it gets down between the floorboards and is very hard to clear up!

Payment and cancellation

You are liable to pay the full amount if you have to cancel your wedding 6 months prior to the booked day, you will receive an invoice usually about 4 months prior to the wedding which should be paid well before your booked day.  The invoice will be for the full amount of the hire and the deposit will be returned after the wedding day.  (if this causes cash flow problems please do get in touch with me).


Metal tipped heels are not allowed, any heels less than 1cm in width at the point can do damage to the floors, all shoes must be in good condition on the tip of the heel with no metal protruding. It is a good idea to get some heel stoppers for your guests. We recommend


We have lots of on-site parking, guests are welcome to leave their cars overnight, please collect by 10am the following day.